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At K&J Angus our focus is to provide our customers with cattle that excel in performance, and have the style and balance to compete in the show ring. K&J Angus was started in 2001 with the purchase of our first set of angus females, and has a current operation of 100 head of cows and 5 elite donors. Our farm is a family ran operation consisting of Keith and Julie Moser, and our 3 boys Lucas, Jude, and Korey Moser. We have a spring calving herd, as well as a small fall calving herd. Our annual bull sale is held the 3rd Friday in February, and an online female sale is held the 4th Monday in November. Our farm is located at 2154 160th St. in Larchwood, Iowa 51241. We invite you to stop by and visit anytime.

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